Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.76, No.6 (2015)

Research paper

Analysis of structural damage using simulation and experimental studies in the explosion pit at Kumamoto University
Masatoshi Nishi, Masahide Katayama, and Kazuyuki Hokamoto


This study investigates the effect of impulsive pressure on structure damage driven by the detonation of an explosive. A numerical analysis of the explosion pit at the Institute of Pulsed Power Science of Kumamoto University was performed. Though many studies using the explosive PAVEX have been conducted at the pit, a numerical model of this explosion has not been developed. Therefore, the possibility of the use of ANFO data instead of PAVEX was investigated through the numerical analysis AUTODYN-code. The analytical results suggested that damage in the pit was expected at the top and circumferential wall parts. The positions of observed cracks corresponded well with the predictions made in the numerical analysis.

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explosion pit, structural damage, blast wave, TNT equivalence, numerical simulation

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