Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.76, No.2 (2015)

Research paper

Sensitivity characteristics of some guanidinium 1,5’-bis-1H-tetrazolate based mixtures
Shingo Date, Shizuka Nishi, and Kazuhito Asazuki


Impact sensitivity, friction sensitivity, electric spark discharge sensitivity and heat sensitivity were measured for some guanidinium 1,5’-bis-1H-tetrazolate (G15B)/ammonium nitrate (AN) based mixtures, and their results were compared with those of previously studied G15B/potassium perchlorate (KP) mixture, G15B/strontium nitrate (SrN) mixture and G 15B/metal oxide mixtures, together with commercially used guanidinium nitrate (GN)/SrN/basic copper nitrate (BCN) mixture. According to drop hammer tests, it was suggested that all G15B/metal oxides except G15B/MnO2 mixture were more insensitive than GN/SrN/BCN mixture. Friction tests have suggested that G15B/SrN mixture, all G15B/metal oxide mixtures and G15B/AN based mixtures with non-Cu based additive were insensitive against friction. Meanwhile, electric spark discharge tests have suggested that all G15B/metal oxide mixtures and all G15B/AN/additive mixtures were equally insensitive as compared to that of GN/SrN/BCN mixture. As for ignition temperature tests, it was suggested that, in terms of 4 seconds ignition temperature, all G15B/AN based mixtures except G15B/AN/CuO mixture and G15B/AN/AC mixture were equivalent to or more insensitive than that of GN/SrN/BCN mixture. It was also found that apparent activation energies of ignition reactions for all G15B based mixtures, except G15B/AN mixture, G15B/AN/MnO2 mixture, G15B/AN/Cu2O mixture, G15B/AN/AC mixture and G15B/AN/SiO2 mixture were higher than that of GN/SrN/BCN mixture. Summing up the sensitivity test results, it was found that G15B/AN/NaCl mixture has the lowest sensitivity overall among the tested G15B based mixtures that burns. Regarding correlation between different disciplines of sensitivities, it was suggested that, in general, impact sensitivity and friction sensitivity of some G15B based mixture do not necessarily correlate. As for the correlation between friction sensitivity and sensitivity to electric spark, those mixtures that were sensitive to friction were not necessarily sensitive to electric sparks. It was also suggested that heat sensitivity do not necessarily correlate with impact sensitivity and friction sensitivity.

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guanidinium 1,5’-bis-1H-tetrazolate, impact sensitivity, friction sensitivity, electric spark sensitivity, heat sensitivity

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