Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.76, No.1 (2015)

Research paper

Electronic interaction and pyrolysis behaviour of adenine and dinitrobenzene mixture
Kohei Sasahara, Mieko Kumasaki, Mitsuo Koshi, and Hideaki Yoshitake


This present study aims to investigate the effects of electrostatic interactions between organic substances on the reactions of gas-generating agents. The interactions were investigated with samples prepared from equimolar mixtures of adenine and m-dinitorbenzene (mDNB) or p-dinitrobenzene (pDNB). Ultraviolet-visible spectra and ab initio quantum calculations showed charge displacement from adenine to mDNB or pDNB. The thermal behavior of the individual compounds and their mixtures was observed with differential scanning calorimetry, and the mixtures was found to react at lower temperature than individual compounds. The results indicated that while adenine itself does not decompose exothermically, interactions with dinitrobenzene led to the exothermic reaction of adenine in the mixtures. The analysis of reaction products suggested that the adenine/mDNB mixture has a different pyrolysis mechanism from the adenine/pDNB mixture. The interactions affect the reaction mechanisms within the adenine and dinitrobenzene mixture.

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pyrolysis behaviour, electrostatic interaction, dinitrobenzene, adenine

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