Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.70, No.6 (2009)

Research paper

Experimental investigation of mechanical sensitivity and noise level for different pyrotechnic flash compositions
S. P. Sivapirakasam and M. Surianarayanan


The impact and friction sensitivity measurements of Potassium nitrate, Barium nitrate, Potassium perchlorate and Strontium nitrate based pyrotechnic flash compositions are reported. The flash compositions are classified according to the Andreiev-Beliaev classification of explosivity of substances based upon its impact sensitivity. It was found that potassium perchlorate and barium nitrate based compositions were high sensitive to impact in the range of 2 to 7.5J. The sensitivity to friction for potassium perchlorate based compositions was greater (up to 32N) compared to other flash compositions. Potassium nitrate based flash compositions were found to be best suited for Indian Fireworks manufacturing units as the noise level were within the prescribed norms of Indian Governmental Gazette notification on noise standards for firecrackers.

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Fireworks, Impact sensitivity, Friction sensitivity, Flash composition, Noise level measurement

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