Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.70, No.6 (2009)

Research paper

Cast PBX related technologies for IM shells and warheads
Bruno Nouguez, BernardMahé, and Pierre OlivierVignaud


EURENCO France and SNPE Matériaux Energétiques have been developing IM technologies for warheads for 35 years. These technologies are covering the synthesis of new molecules, the design of new cast PBX formulations or explosive charge architectures, as well as comprehensive design methods and up-to-date production processes. Qualified formulations using for example HMX, I-RDX® or RDX, or NTO are used in production or development programmes related to major applications, from underwater munitions and missile warheads to artillery or mortar shells and to GP bombs or fully IM penetration warheads. Most of them are currently qualified by French or Allied forces.
  Advanced concepts are currently studied to meet present and future requirements such as IMness, low collateral damage specifications and specialized performances. These advanced concepts can require the use of new formulations with new energetic molecules or additives, such as those synthesized in SNPE/CRB labs or abroad. Such formulations can be combined in advanced architectures to promote the desired effects.
  The goal of this presentation is to give an overview of current IM applications, emphasizing the artillery and mortar domain, as well as advanced architectures for warheads, with focuses on design and innovative production methods promoted by EURENCO.

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Explosive, Cast plastic bonded, Process, Insensitive Munition

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