Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.70, No.5 (2009)

Research paper

Microfractography of fracture surface of a carbon steel tube caused by contact detonation
Ken−ichi Sawada


In the case of closer detonation of high explosives to a structure such as attack of terrorism, the target is exposed to the extremely high pressure and temperature ina very short time. It is important to focus on the damage quantity of the structure under such environment, and its fracture mechanism. The small-scale explosion experiments are carried out. The high explosive Composition C-4 is exploded at the axial center of the outer surface of a carbon steel tube, STPG370. The weight of explosive and the standoff are parameter values. This paper presents the relationship between the standoff and the damage quantity of the tube, and the results of microfractography of the fracture plane using the scanning electron microscope (SEM) to clarify the fracture mechanism of the material.

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Microfractography, Carbon steel tube, Detonation, Fracture, C-4

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