Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.70, No.5 (2009)

Research paper

The determination of the third body efficiencies for the
H+O2+M=HO2+M reaction (M=Ar, H2O)
Youhi Morii, Nobuyuki Tsuboi, Mitsuo Koshi, Hiroyuki Ogawa, A. Koichi Hayashi,
and Taro Shimizu


The detailed chemical reaction model for H2/O2 combustion proposed by Koshi was estimated in a high pressure state. In this paper, two rate coefficients of the terminating reactions are discussed. The numerical ignition delay time in H2/O2/Ar mixture were compared with the experiments measured by Petersen et al. and the rate coefficient of the reaction H+O2+Ar→HO2+Ar was decided as κ=2.96x1019T-1.40. The numerical laminar flame velocity in H2/O2/H2O mixture at various pressures is compared with the experimental data measured by Kusharin et al. The rate coefficient of the reaction
H+O2+H2O→HO2+H2O is determined as κ=1.62x1023T-2.29.

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Detailed chemical reaction model, High pressure, H2/O2combustion

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