Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.70, No.5 (2009)

Research paper

Experimental study on the properties of ground shock vibration resulting from an accidental explosion in a subsurface magazine(*in Japanese)
Hiroyoshi Ichino, Tomonori Ohno, Kazuo Hasue, and Shingo Date


When an accidental explosion in an aboveground magazine is happened, the three primary events : air-blast, ground shock and debris, may be produced. To secure the surface structure and/or human life from these events, the magazine should be constructed in a subsurface. However, the hazard zones or safety distances for a subsurface magazine may be mainly defined by the effects of ground shock vibration. In this study, to know the effects of ground shock resulting from an accidental explosion in a subsurface magazine, explosion tests for small scaled specimens(1/20scale)were done. In tests, the ground shock vibration propagated to the surface ground was measured by the acceleration sensors. From test results, the maximum vibration velocity of surface ground was formulated by the function of explosive mass and distance from the charge.

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Subsurface magazine, Concrete, Ground shock velocity

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