Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.70, No.4 (2009)

Research paper

Effect of strength of the flyer plate material on the collision parameters in explosive welding
Seyed Hadi Ghaderi, Manikandan Palavesamuthu, Kazuyuki Hokamoto,
Naresh Thadhani, and Masahiro Fujita


The process of oblique collision of a flyer plate on a stationary base is analyzed taking into account the strain rate sensitivity of the material of the plate. A constant angle of collision, which is very important in explosive welding, is shown to be achieved beyond critical collision parameters which are mutually connected to the dynamic behavior of the material. These critical conditions define the boundary, below which, the strength of the material affects the profile of the plate and hence the collision angle. The analytical results are supported by those of the numerical analyses as well as the hyper velocity impact experiments performed using gas gun. Based on this boundary limit and numerical analyses results, some previous experimental results are evaluated.

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Moving load, Flyer plate, Oblique collision, Explosive welding

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