Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.70, No.3 (2009)

Research paper

Development of a small-scaled drop hammer test for detoxifying adsorbents
Kosuke Yuasa, Mieko Kumasaki, and Mitsuru Arai


A small-scaled drop hammer testing apparatus has been developed and the applicability has been evaluated for an impact sensitivity test of used dry gas detoxifying absorbents which are applied in semiconductor manufacturing processes. As hazardous gases are concentrated and/or some reaction products may be formed on the surface of the absorbents during a detoxifying process, an impact sensitivity of the used absorbents could become higher than that of pure absorbents. The current impact sensitivity test, however, requires sample to be prepared in an atmospheric environment while used absorbents might change their properties during such preparation. In order to eliminate a risk of changes in the chemical properties and ensure a safety, an absorption process and a drop hammer test should be carried out under the same atmosphere, as is actually used in detoxifying process. Therefore, an apparatus providing hermetically-sealed condition has been developed to resolve the problem. In this research, results of a closed type apparatus were evaluated in comparison with existing data from conventional method. RDX (1, 3, 5-trinitroperhydro-1, 3, 5-triazine) was used as a test sample. The correlation between existing and new method was obtained and applicability was confirmed.

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drop hammer test, detoxifying absorbents, impact sensitivity, RDX.

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