Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.70, No.2 (2009)

Research paper

Numerical study on propagation of cylindrical detonation
Makoto Asahara, Nobuyuki Tsuboi, A. Koichi Hayashi, and Eisuke Yamada


Cylindrical detonation has been investigated numerically with a one-step reaction model to understand its propagation mechanism and the critical energy. This reaction model describes a change in physical values on reaction process to be simple. On the other hand, a detailed chemical reaction model consists of a lot of elementary reactions to deal with the detailed dynamics of heat release. In this paper, the propagating process of the cylindrical detonation with the detailed chemical reaction model is discussed. According to the grid resolution study in two-dimensional simulation, the required grid size to resolve of the cellular structure in a stoichiometric H2/O2 gas mixture is finer than 5.0 mm when the pressure and temperature of the ambient region are1atm and 300K. Furthermore, as for the relation between their cell sizes and the initiation energies, the cell size becomes smaller as the initiation energy increases. However, the cells propagating along the diagonal direction are affected by the numerical dissipation on the orthogonal grid system.

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Cylindrical detonation, Spherical detonation, Stoichiometric H2/O2 gas mixture, Ignition energy,
Detailed chemical reaction model

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