Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.70, No.1 (2009)


A study on the burning characteristics of some guanidinium 1‚5' − bis −
1H − tetrazolate / metal oxide mixtures
Shingo Date, Takumi Sugiyama, Norikazu Itadzu, Yasuyoshi Miyata, Kazuo Iwakuma, Masahiro Abe, Kazuya Yoshitake, Shizuka Nishi, and Kazuo Hasue


The burning characteristics of some guanidinium 1,5'-bis-1 H-tetrazolate (G 15 B) / metal oxide mixtures were examined and compared through linear burning rate tests and closed-vessel tests to evaluate the potential of the mixtures as gas generating agent for airbag inflators. The linear burning rate data of the stoichiometric ratio G 15 B / CuO mixture was higher than other mixtures that ignited including the stoichiometric ratio 5-ATZ / Sr (NO3)2- and 5-ATZ / CuO mixtures. Although the average rate-of-pressure-rise data during the closed-vessel test was over 50 % lower than that of 5 -ATZ / Sr (NO3)2- mixture, its average temperature-rise inside the vessel was over 80 % lower than that of 5-ATZ / Sr (NO3)2- mixture. The relatively high burning rate and the low temperature-rise displayed by G 15 B / CuO mixture may suggest the highest potential as gas generating agent among some G 15 B / metal oxide mixtures studied.

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Guanidinium 1‚5'-bis-1 H-tetrazolate, Metal oxides, Gas generating agent, Linear burning rate, Closed vessel test.

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