Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.67, No.6 (2006)

Research paper

The burning rate characteristics of magnalium (Mg/Al)-AP based solid propellant (*in Japanese)
Hiroto Habu and Keiichi Hori


Magnalium (Mg/Al)-AP based composite propellant has been studied as an improved neutralized propellant. Mg in Mg/Al particles plays a role of neutralizing agent. Mg/Al enhances the burning rates of AP based propellants by 40% in the range from 1.0 MPa to 10.0 MPa. To clarify the cause of the high burning rate, the thermal balance at the burning surface was analyzed by the temperature profiles, the observation of the metal particle condition on the burning surface and the calculated characteristic values of the solid propellant.
From the results of the quenched burning surface observation, it was found that Mg/Al particles were ready to ignite on the burning surface different from Al particles. As Mg/Al particle ignites and burns closely to the burning surface, the temperature gradient of the gas phase near the burning surface became steep. The heat input from the gas phase to the burning surface was estimated quantitatively with the characteristic value of the propellants. It is considered that the high burning rate of the propellant with Mg/Al depends mainly on the high temperature gradient in the gas phase at the burning surface.

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Solid propellant, Magnalium, Combustion mechanism, Burning rate, Burning surface

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