Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.67, No.6 (2006)

Research paper

Controlled expansion of a copper pipe and detonation of PETN initiated by metal wire explosion technique (*in Japanese)
Masahiko Otsuka, Eiji Hida, Kenji Kurogi, Mhamed Souli, and Shigeru Itoh


In recent years, active research on explosives in exploring its effective use in the field of engineering is widely carried out. One way of instant initiation of explosive is by means of a metal wire explosion. The wire explosion technique generates plane shock waves produced by exploding parallel metal wire rows using a high voltage impulsive current. This method has been performed as mass shock compaction processing technology, such as shock synthesis of industrial diamond. The present study was undertaken to investigate the behavior of copper pipe by the detonation of PETN powder explosive initiated by metal wire explosion. This was carried out with the motivation to know the effect of PETN on the structure, which was detonated by metal wire explosion, and the detonation state of PETN. A copper wire exploded using metal wire explosion technique, was used to initiate the PETN filled in the copper pipe. The expansion process of the copper pipe by the detonation of PETN was evaluated by the optical observation using high-speed camera and the numerical analysis using LS-DYNA3D. The results on the expansion velocity of copper pipes showed a variation depending on the initiation and the amount of PETN used for the expansion.

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Wire explosion, Initiation method, Multi-Material formulation, Fluid-Structure interaction

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