Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.67, No.4 (2006)

Research paper

Stable detonation velocities for aluminized explosives
Ernest L. Baker, Christos Capellos, and Leonard I. Stiel


Traditional Chapman-Jouguet detonation theory does not explain the observed detonation states achieved by aluminized explosives. As a result, the detonation properties of these explosives have been studied using new and literature experimental data and EXP-6 thermo-chemical potential calculations with the JAGUAR computer program. It has been found that the observed detonation velocity behavior for aluminized explosives can be accurately represented by a reaction zone model in which aluminum, coated with aluminum oxide, is initially non-reactive and in equilibrium with H-C-N-O compounds. The JAGUAR procedures have been modified to represent the aluminum reaction zone behavior and to enable specified temperature differences between the gas and aluminum particles in the initial portion of this reaction zone. The result of this work is that detonation velocities for aluminized explosives which agree closely with experimental data may be readily calculated.

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Aluminum, Explosives, Eigenvalue detonation, Velocity, Reaction

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