Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.67, No.3 (2006)

Research paper -Special Issue for ISEM 2005-

Vibration and fragmentation by changing the blast burden at Funao limestone quarry *
Ganda Marihot Simangunsong, Shinichiro Maehara, Hideki Shimada, Kikuo Matsui, Shiro Kubota, Yuji Wada, and Yuji Ogata


Field experiment was performed mainly to test weather or not the blast burden gives significant influence on vibration level. Parallel with the main idea, investigation was extended to measure size distribution of fragmented rocks. The relationship between peak particle velocity (PPV) and scaled distance reveal three relationships for three different scenario of burden, which indicate that the blast burden influences vibration level. Fragmentation measurements of a muckpile using digital image give plausible results. Using software known as Split Engineering, the fragmented rocks resulted from three scenario of blast burden were calculated and presented in size distribution curve.

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Vibration, Fragmentation, Blast design, Burden

* Selected papers presented at the 2nd International Symposium on Energetic Materials and their Applications (ISEM 2005).

* ISEM 20053e"ࡦ_뀡B

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