Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.67, No.1 (2006)Special Issue for ISEM 2005


Burning and air resistance of fireworks stars
Y. Ooki, D. Ding, M. Higaki, and T. Yoshida


Burning and shot experiments have been carried out for examining the burning time and air resistance of burning fireworks stars. Burning time of various stars was determined using a high speed video camera. The burning times of No.2 - No.6 stars were 0.8 - 2.4 s. The mean linear burning rates were 3.0 - 6.0 mm·s-1 for 6 kinds of stars. The mean burning time was proportional to the mean diameter of same kind of star. The mean of relative standard deviation (standard deviation/mean value) of burning times of the stars was 0.051. The shot experiment of stars was done using a small mortar equipped with pressure sensors and the trajectory of the burning stars was observed by a high speed video camera. The relationship between the pressure in the mortar and initial velocity of the star was analyzed. The air resistance of a fired star was also discussed.

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Fireworks star, Burning time, Pressure in mortar, Initial velocity

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