Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.67, No.1 (2006)Special Issue for ISEM 2005

Research paper

Examination of the break-up model for explosion break-up analysis
(The explosion break-up experiment which used the aluminum cylinder for the target)
Hidehiro Hata, Tetsuyuki Hiroe, and Kazuhito Fujiwara


It may be explosion break-up and the accident has actually occurred, such as explosion breakup of a plant, a satellite, a rocket, and the machines which became high temperature and high pressure more. That accidental explosion break-up generally causes catastrophic hazard to the surroundings. Therefore, it is important to understand the mechanism that explosion breakup. In this study, a high explosive pentaerithritoltetranitrate (PETN) etc. is exploded using central axis explosion technology, and the high speed deformation and fracture behavior in an explosion break-up experiment are measured. And we are making examination and modification of Grady's model which are a kind of break-up model using the experiment result.

This presentation is scheduled for report the explosion break-up experiment which used the aluminum cylinder for the target. The observed behavior is reproduced by the numerical simulation using Autodyn 2D, and a Grady's model is considered for fragmentation.

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Cylinder expansion, Explosive loading, Shock wave, A5052

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