Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.66, No.6 (2005)Special Issue for ISEM 2005


Micro-explosives induced underwater shock waves for medical applications
S.H.R. Hosseini, Y. Kohno, and K. Takayama


Paper reports on production of micro-underwater shock waves generated by explosion of micro-gram order silver azide pellets ranging from 1.0 to 20 mg. The micro-explosive was glued at the tip of a 400 mm quartz glass optical fiber and was ignited by irradiation of a pulsed Nd:YAG laser beam. For medical applications, a half-ellipsoidal cavity with 20.0 mm minor diameter and the ratio of major to minor diameters of 1.41 was designed and constructed as an extracorporeal shock wave (ESW) source. The micro-gram AgN3 pellets were detonated at the first focal point inside the half-ellipsoidal reflector to produce shock wave focusing on the second focal point. The whole sequences of the shock wave generation and propagation were visualized by time-resolved high speed shadowgraph method. Pressure histories were measured at different stand-off distances by using a fiber optic probe hydrophone. It is concluded that the present compact ESW generator with micro-explosive source had a suitable characteristics for in-vivo medical application experiments.

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Medical application, Micro-explosive, Underwater shock wave

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