Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.66, No.5 (2005)Special Issue for ISEM 2005


The effect of experimental parameters on the explosive welding of Ti and stainless steel
P. Manikandan, K. Hokamoto, K. Raghukandan, A. Chiba, and A.A. Deribas


This study addresses the effects of experimental parameters on the welded interface of titanium and stainless steel clad produced by explosive welding. A weldability window was formulated for titanium/stainless steel clad and experimentally verified. The effects of experimental parameters with wavelength, amplitude, and interfacial layer are correlated. Microstructural characterization of the bonded interface shows a wavy morphology with the formation of brittle intermetallic layer in some cases. The results provide evidence that higher plate velocities enhance the formation of intermetallics at the vortices, thereby causing local melted zones.

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Explosive welding, Weldability window, Experimental parameters, Microstructural characterization, Intermetallic layer

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