Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.66, No.4 (2005)Special Issue for ISEM 2005


Improvement on penetration of liner shaped charges: Evaluation by 2D and 3D simulation
Hitoshi Miyoshi, Hiromichi Ohba, Hideki Kitamura, Tatsuya Inoue, and Tetsuyuki Hiroe


Experiments and simulations of linear shaped charges (LSCs) have been conducted to improve the penetration performance and minimize collateral damage by fragments. Annealed tough pitch copper was selected for an appropriate liner material. The penetration depth increased by 50 %, compared to current LSCs. The detonation effects of explosives change the liner into the jet and slug. But, the case is transformed into fragments, which set up undesirable damages. Polyvinyl chloride was adopted as the case material to reduce damage by fragments. No fragments were generated when the newly-designed LSCs were shot. With AUTODYN, the Euler solver for 2D calculation and the SPH (smoothed particle hydrodynamics) and Lagrange solver for the 3D were adopted. From the simulations, the process of the penetration was verified and the slug with high velocity seems to have the ability of penetration. The jet profile was confirmed by the 3D simulation of the SPH solver.

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Linear shaped charges, Target penetration, Stand-off distance, SPH solver

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