Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.66, No.3 (2005)


Rock breaking by the decomposition gases evolved from polyoxymethylen initiated by the thermit reactiond (*in Japanese)
Hisaaki Fukui, Shinya Sonoda, and Toshiyuki Nagaishi


This report has aimed at rock breakings by the decomposition gases evolved from polyoxymethylen (POM).
It was shown that the rapid decomposition was initiated by the large exothermic thermit reaction of CuO-Al(mix.1) or CaO2-Al(mix.2).
The thermit reaction was initiated by electric discharge of condenser.
The maximum pressure and the time to reach the maximum pressure were observed to be 1250 kPa and 120 ms for the mix.1, and 1180 kPa and 180 ms for the mix.2. The pressure and the time observed for the mix.1 were almost equal to those for the black powder under the same experimental conditions.
The rock breaking experiment was carried out for limestone and granite using these thermit composite agent, and succeeded to break down both lime stone and granite instantaneously.

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