Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.66, No.1 (2005)


A study on the characteristics of azole-metal complexes (II)
- Thermal behaviors of 1H-tetrazole metal complexes -
Wasana Kowhakul, Mieko Kumasaki, Yuji Wada, Mitsuru Arai, and Masamitsu Tamura


1H-tetrazole (1HT) - metal complexes were investigated as promising gas generators for airbag inflators. The SC-DSC measurements, sensitivity tests, and deflagration tests were conducted to investigate the influences of the metals on the decomposition characteristics of the complexes. The SC-DSC measurements revealed the 1HT-metal interaction stabilize the complexes. Regarding the sensitivity tests, 1HT-metal complexes were categorized in the same class 6 of friction sensitivity test and class 3 of electrostatic sensitivity test. Besides, drop hammer sensitivity test, those complexes did not explode in this test; they were categorized as class 8 according to JIS. Furthermore, the deflagration test indicated the amount of metals in the substance had a substantial impact on burning rate, which was as verified by the relation of metal percentage and maximum pressure rate.

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