Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.61, No.4 (2000)

Research paper

Estimation of upper limit of AP content in AP / HTPB composite propellant
- A consideration based on flow characteristics of AP / HTPB suspension -
Makoto Kohga and Yutaka Hagihara


Because of the requirements for the preparation of ammonium perchlorate 
(AP) / hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (HTPB) compoaite propellant, there is an upper limit content,  φmax  (wt%) , of AP contained propellant. It is necessary for the design of  AP /  HTPB composite propellant to estimate φmax . In this study, an attempt was made to find out the universal powder property of AP which can determine φmax ,  from the standpoint of the viscosity of AP / HTPB suspension. The results are as follows:  1) Concerning AP / HTPB suspensions prepared in this study, the relationship between the re1ative viscosity, ηr  (—) , and the volume fraction, φr (vol%) , can be represented by the Mori-Ototake equation, k and φ which are constant in the Mori-Ototake equation are dependent on specific surface area,  Swp (m2/kg) ,measured by the air-permeability method. It is found that  ηr can be represented as the function of φv and Swp .  2) ηr of AP / HTPB suspension containing φmax was almost constant.  3) φmax increases with decreasing Swp . The relationship between φmax , and Swp can be represented by the following equation.

    φmax = 85-0.01Swp  (40 m2/kg ≦ Swp ≦ 1200 m2/kg)

   lt is found that φmax can be estimated from Swp .

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