Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.61, No.4 (2000)

Research paper

The reactivity of sodium chlorate and iron powder mixtures
Hidetsugu Nakamura, Katsuya Kakiuchi, Miyako Akiyoshi, 
and Yasutake Hara


The mixture of sodium chlorate with iron powder has been used as a base material for an oxygen generating agent during emergencies. In this study, a thermal analysis, an analysis of reaction residue and combustion experiments such as combustion calorimetry or burning rate measurements were carried out to clarify the thermal reaction and combustion reaction of the sodium chlorate - iron powder mixture.
  The binary mixture, which contained fine iron powder, had a good reactivity at low temperature and the capability of large oxygen release. The binary mixtures consisting of sodium chlorate and fine iron powder were combustible over a wide range of iron content from 20-to 60 wt.% iron. Iron oxide had a large catalytic effect on the thermal reaction of the binary mixture. However, the catalytic effect on combustion depended on the species of iron oxides. Fe203 with fine particle size had a large catalytic effect. The addition of diatomaceous earth, sodium perborate and strontium peroxide also increased the linear burning rate. Moreover, diatomaceous earth improved the reproducibility of the linear burning rate.

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