Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.61, No.3 (2000)

Research paper

Explosion properties of urea nitrate(*in Japanese)
Reiko I. Hiyoshi and Jun Nakamura


Urea nitrate (UN) is known as an explosive material, but not used in practice.
Some sensitivity teats of UN were carried out. The friction sensitivity and the shock sensitivity were low. The critical shock initiation pressure of UN (bulk density 0.68 ) was measured in card gap teat, and shown to be 2.2-2.6 GPa.
  Detonation velocities of UN were measured in various cylindrical containers with composition C-4 as a booster. It was clarified that the detonation velocity of UN showed steady state detonation. Detonation velocity observed in a steel tube could be over 5000 m/sec in adequate condition.
  The effects of its density; diameter of charge and degree of confinement on detonation velocity were proved. The properties of UN were shown to be explosive typeII proposed by Donna Price.

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