Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.61, No.2 (2000)


Ignition and combustion characteristics of very high burning rate composite propellant charges(*in Japanese)
Akio Shibata, Atsumi Miyake, and Terushige Ogawa


A series of very high burning rate propellant charges were tentatively manufactured and examined as to the major combustion characteristics and the thermal stabilities. The results were as follows.
The propellant formulations, containing TAGN as oxidizer and Boron Hydride compound (K2B12H12)  as a high burning rate catalyst, showed much greater burning rate than M30 ; i.e. 54 m/s at 500 kgf/cm2  and 92 m/s at 1000 kgf/cm2  were 1,000 times greater than those of M30, respectively.
The pressure exponent of TAGN 69 wt%/K2B12H12 21 wt%/Pracel 15 wt% composition represented desirable value(α=1) as a propellant charge.
Furthermore, from the Krupp ignition temperature test its thermal stability was also found to be better than that of M30.

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