Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.61, No.2 (2000)

Research paper

Ignition delay time characteristics of Mg/TF pyrolants(*in Japanese)
Takuo Kuwahara, Hidefumi Shibamoto, Chiharu Tohara, 
and Michinori Takizuka


Mg/TF pyrolant is one of the high energy materials and it's ignition delay time characteristics were obtained. Ignition temperature (Tig) of Mg/TF pyrolants, the concentration of Mg (ξMg) were 60, 70, and 80 wt%, reached between 906 and 921K and over 900K when ignition delay time was 4 seconds. Mg/TF pyrolant is difficult to ignite, so it is easy and safe to handle. And ignition delay time was measured by heating them with Nichrome wires. Ignition delay time(τig) is decreased with increasing electric current (I), and τig is proportion to I-2. And also ignition delay time is increased with increasing the diameter of Nichrome wire (φ) on the constant electric current. So τig is proportion to φ3.6. And also τig is proportion to input energy E-1.8.

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