Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.61, No.2 (2000)

Research paper

Combustion characteristics of GAP based composite propellants (III)
- Heat release process and burning rate -(*in Japanese)
Michinori Takizuka and Ichiro Aoki


The heat release process of GAP (glycidyl azide polymer) propellant was studied by comparing with nitrate eater based propellant to clarify the relationship between heat release processes and burning rates of high energetic GAP/HMX(octogen) propellant. As both GAP propellant and nitrate eater based propellant have condensed phase reaction zone and gas phase reaction zone, the heat release processes of these zones were investigated experimentally by using thermal differential analysis, thermo-gravimetric analysis, and temperature distribution measurements in the combustion wave. The combustion model analysis based on the experimental measurements indicates that the burning rate increases, and the temperature sensitivity of burning rate becomes high as the heat release at the burning surface becomes high.

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