Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.61, No.2 (2000)

Research paper

The effect of magnalium (Mg-Al Alloy) on combustion characteristics of ammonium nitrate-based solid propellant (*in Japanese)
Hirokazu Murata, Yaeuo Azuma, Tiharu Tohara, Masataka Simoda, 
Tosio Yamaya, Keiichi Hori, and Takeo Saito


Recently, many studies have been conducted on "chlorine-free" ammonium nitrate (AN) which might replace ammonium perchlorate (AP) in solid composite propellants. However, it is necessary to improve combustion characteristics of AN-based composite propellants, such as ignitability and burning rate. Therefore, the present study aims at improving combustion characteristics of AN-based composite propellants with magnalium (Mg-Al alloy) as metal fuel. Magnalium decreased decomposition temperature of AN by 40℃ and transforms the form of AN thermal decomposition into two-stage reaction. At the first stage only AN decomposes and at the second stage melted AN and/or oxidant gases issued from AN cause condensed reaction or heterogeneous reaction with solid magnalium. The oxide of magnalium is produced as a residue. Magnalium-containing AN-based propellants are superior to Al-containing AN-based ones in the self-sustaining burning at low pressures and burning rates. The burning rate of AN-based propellants increases with content of magnalium. The propellant with the formulation of AN/HTPB/Mg-Al =48/32/20 (wt%) showed the burning rate of 3.58 mm/s at 5MPa and the pressure exponent of 0.3.

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