Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.61, No.1 (2000)

Research paper

Punching processing of metal pipe using underwater shock wave due to detonating cord 1st report Pressure characteristic of the experimental set - up(*in Japanese)
Shirou Nagano and Shigeru Itoh


As one of punching techniques of metal pipe, we present an underwater explosion punching method in which the holes are punched from the inside to the outside by the underwater shock wave due to the explosion of detonating cord in water. The assem bl the consists of a reflection vessel, which converges the underwater shock wave and a metal die for the punching purpose. In this method, the action of underwater shock wave on the interior of the to - be - punched pipe is very important while the die would not be damaged. The effects of the shape of the reflection vessel to converge the underwater shock wave to obtain a required high pressure and impulse are studied by means of pressure measurement and optical observation system. As a result it is found that in the case of the reflection vessel, which has an elliptic cross - section, the high peak - pressure and impulse are obtained and, both values are of approximately 3.3 times those from the case of the detonating cord directly pasted on a metal plate.

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