Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.61, No.1 (2000)

Research paper

Burning characteristics of emulsion explosives(I) Pressurized vessel test(*in Japanese)
Yoshikazu Hirosaki, Satoru Suzuki, Yasuhiro Takahashi, and Yukio Kato


The burning characteristics of the emulsion explosives in a pressurized vessel were examined. The emulsion explosives containing glass microballoons (GMB) or resin microballoons (RMB) as a density control material were used as sample explosives. Most of the tests were carried out at the elevated initial temperature of around 100 ℃ to evaluate the safety in the manufacturing process of the emulsion explosives. The emulsion explosives sensitized by GMB caused reaction at low initial pressure down to 0.3 MPa. On the contrary, the emulsion explosives containing RMB showed no steady reaction at the initial pressure up to 1.5 MPa. The endothemic decomposition of RMB at the pressurized and elevated temperature condition and decrease of heat transfer from heater to sample explosive by the shrinkage of RMB seem to be the major reasons for the insensitiveness of the emulsion explosives containing RMB. The oxygen balanced composition gave the lowest minimum burning pressure (MBP) for the GMB sensitized emulsion explosives containing aluminum powder of 33μm. Similar conclusion was obtained from other experiments for the effect of the oxygen balance on the burning behavior of the emulsion explosives.

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