Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.61, No.1 (2000)

Research paper

Studies on spontaneous ignition of firework mixtures(II)
— Large-scale isothermal test with the sample of 100 g — (*in Japanese)
Mitsuaki Iida, Tadahiro Aochi, Takehiro Matsunaga, Ken-ichi Miyamoto,
Kiyoshi Tanaami, Atsumi Miyake, Terushige Ogawa, and Shuji Hatanaka


In order to obtain a better understanding of the spontaneous ignition behavior of firework mixtures, a series of isothermal tests with the sample of 0.5 g, 5 g and 100 g was carried out. A ternary mixture of CuSO4·5H2O / S / KClO3 = 1 / 3 / 7known as the incompatible composition was selected as a model material.
In a 100 g - scale isothermal test with the modelmixture, the phenomenon from the spontaneous ignition to the violent explosion was observed. The critical ignition temperature of the model mixture was 59 - 62.5 ℃ in 0.5 g - scale, 51 - 56 ℃ in 5 g - scale, and 42 - 49 ℃ in 100 g - scale. It was shown that these critical ignition temperatures decreases linearly against the logarithm of the sample weight, and the expression proving this relation was derived from the Frank - Kamenetskii equation.

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