Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.61, No.1 (2000)

Research paper

Thermal reaction and combustion reaction of boron - cupric oxide mixture
Hidetsugu Nakamura, Miyako Akiyoshi, and Yasutake Hara


In this study, thermal analysis and combustion experiments, such as combustion calorimetry or the measurement of burning rate and combustion temperature were carried out to clarify the thermal reaction and combustion reaction of boron - cupric oxide mixture. The results obtained are as follows:
The mixture of boron with cupric oxide caused an intense exothermic reaction, but the thermal reactivity was different with the shape and the composition of the sample in which a boron - rich condition showed higher thermal reactivity. The linear burning rate, heat of combustion and combustion temperature of boron - cupric oxide mixture had the maximum value at fuel - rich condition of the equimolar composition. The pressure effect was also recognized with regard to the linear burnhg rate and heat of combustion. The fractional oxidation of boron for the combustion at atmospheric pressure was 81 - 83 % for stoichiometric and oxidizer - rich conditions. Under pressurized conditions, it increased with increasing ambient pressure and amount of oxidizer, and a complete oxidation of boron was attained at the oxidizer - rich and pressurized composition.

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