Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.80, No.5 (2020)


Use of a polyarylate-glass fiber composite textile to reduce localized blast damage in concrete plates
Hiroyoshi Ichino and Eric B.Williamson


The effectiveness of a polyarylate-glass fiber composite textile on the localized failure of blast-loaded concrete plateswas examined experimentally. In these experiments, 80-mm thick concretespecimens were subjected to a contactcharge of 46-grams of C-4 explosive. Each specimen was reinforced by the textile adhered to the plate on the sideopposite of where the contact charge was placed. The experimental resultsdemonstrate that the polyarylate-glass fibercomposite textile can prevent ejection of concrete fragments and reduce localized failure. The extent of localized failuredecreases as the tensional stiffness of the reinforcement textile increases. This paper provides a brief summary of thetest program and an evaluation of the localized damage of the concrete plates reinforced by the textile.

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localized blast damage, concrete, polyarylate-glass fiber composite textile, tensional stiffness

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