Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.80, No.5 (2020)

Research paper

Ignition delay, erosive burning and other animals - Lessons learnt about transient phenomena
Jonathan Sivan, Yair Solomon, and Oren Peles


Transient phenomena during combustion of solid rocket motors (SRMs) are not always accounted for during development, but can cause havoc if neglected. Most ballistic codes tend to simulate SRM operation at quasi-steady state conditions, thus giving good prediction of large time scale events, but ignoring local perturbations. At IMI systems special thought has been given to understanding transient phenomena occurring mainly at the beginning of motor operations. Through reduction of static test firing data of several motors, as well as specifically built experimental tools, we focused on two common transient phenomena: erosive burning and ignition transient. The combination of both phenomena can cause different behaviours during the initial phase of SRM operation. In this work we will demonstrate our attempt to interpret test results from high volume loaded SRMs with different ignition systems. We will also show our modelling of such systems using 1D quasi-steady state ballistic code as well as 3D CFD Navier-Stokes solvers. We validate the simulation with test results.

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ignition delay, erosive burning, aft igniter

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