Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.80, No.3 (2020)

Research paper

Study on influence factors of the combustion temperature of MTV foil-type decoys and their interactions
Jun Du, Jie Li, Zeng-yang Zhang, Guang Yang, Yan Li, and Jin-zhuo Wei


In order to study the influence factors of the combustion temperature of MTV foil-type infrared decoys and the interactions between these factors, the Minitab was used to design the four factors at two levels orthogonal experiment (24), where the combustion temperature was recorded and tested using the SC7000 far-infrared thermal imager. The analysis results of the Minitab show that there are mainly five factors that influence the MTV combustion temperature, which are, in the order from the primary to the secondary the ratio of Mg/PTFE, the interaction between Viton content and dose, the interaction between the ratio of Mg/PTFE and dose, the dose and the interaction between the ratio of Mg/ PTFE, Viton content and dose. The combustion temperature of MTV can be calculated using the following formula: Temperature = 1390.32 + 77.82 ξ(Mg)/ξ(PTFE) - 5.97 ξ(Viton) + 24.26m - 1.72 ξ(Mg)/ξ(PTFE) *ξ(Viton) + 41.84 ξ (Mg)/ξ(PTFE)*m + 65.07 ξ(Viton) *m - 22.49 ξ(Mg)/ξ(PTFE) *ξ(Viton)*m. When the ratio of Mg/PTFE is 50/50 by weight, the Viton content is 10%, the dose is 5 g, and the maximum value of the combustion temperature is 1569.13 ℃.

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pyrotechnic device, propellant burn, deflagration model, closed vessel

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