Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.80, No.3 (2020)

Research paper

Numerical simulation of pyrotechnic device based on propellant deflagration model
Qun Liu, Wenjian Cai, Shiyi Liu, and Xinwei Liu


A Propellant Deflagration Model (PDM) was developed to understand the physics and predict the functional performance of pyrotechnic devices. The model is based on the Lee-Tarver reaction rate model, and could consider the combination of combustion process and the unsteady gas dynamics in the performance of devices. The closed vessel test was used for fitting the PDM parameters of SL17 (64%Nitrocellulose, 34%Nitroglycerin), and the validity of the model and parameters is assessed for firing tests of catapults. The results of calculation are in good agreement with the test results. The model can be used to quickly explore and assess the effects of geometric, structural, and energetic material design modifications on the power producing capability and performance of pyrotechnic devices in different environments.

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pyrotechnic device, propellant burn, deflagration model, closed vessel

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