Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.80, No.2 (2020)

Research paper

Simulation of rotating detonation engine by OpenFOAM
Thien Xuan Dinh, Masatake Yoshida, and Shuichi Ishikura


This reports the primitive simulation of rotating detonation engine (RDE) using an OpenFOAM code developed by the Explosion Research Institute Inc. (ERI). To be able for such simulations, the code possesses the ability to cover the whole speed spectrum of deflagration-to-detonation (DDT) transition and the adaptive mesh refinement to capture detonation front. The code was firstly validated to the simulation of DDT in a tube with obstacles. It showed that the code reproduces well the flame throughout DDT in comparison with experiment. Secondly, the code was used to simulate the detonation wave in a simple RDE. With the code, we can adjust the condition that allows creating the detonation wave move around the chamber. This is very promised for the simulation of RDE in engineering.

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rotating detonation engine, deflagation-to-detonation transition, hybrid PISO-KT, adaptive mesh refinement, OpenFOAM

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