Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.80, No.1 (2020)

Research paper

Aluminum powders : aging effects on metal content and thermogravimetry reactivity
Christian Paravan, Alberto Verga, Stefano Dossi, Filippo Maggi, and Luciano Galfetti


Nano-sized Al (nAl) features high reactivity implying possible issues related to its aging during storage. In this work, the aging behavior of micron-sized Al and nAl is investigated considering different relative humidity (RH) conditions (10% and 80%) at the temperature of 333 K. The marked aging sensitivity of nAl (100 nm) is testified by an almost full metal content (CAI) loss in nearly 30 hours (RH=80%). Under the samecondition, in 14 days of aging, the CAI of micronsized aluminum (30 µm) decreases from (99.1±0.2)% to (86.8±0.9)%.

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nano-sized aluminum, micron-sized aluminum, aging, metal content, thermogravimetry reactivity

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