Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.77, No.5 (2016)


Development of green propellants for future space applications
Rachid Amrousse, Toshiyuki Katsumi, Nobuyuki Azuma, Keigo Hatai, Hirohide Ikeda, and Keiichi Hori


Several years ago, toxic and carcinogenic hydrazine and its derivative propellants are commonly used in spacecraft propulsion. These propellants impose distinctive environmental challenges and consequential hazardous conditions. For the future applications, the increasing level of space activities and their applications required a substitution of hydrazine by low toxic green propulsion which becomes even more pronounced. In this review, promising green space propellants such as hydroxylammonium nitrate and ammonium dinitramide are reviewed and investigated for various space missions. In-depth system studies in relation to the aforementioned propulsion, the design for advanced green propulsion systems of the future is appreciated.

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green propellants, specific impulse, thermal decomposition, combustion, reaction control system

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