Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.77, No.3 (2016)


Hazard evaluation with closed pressure vessel test
Yusaku Iwata


A closed pressure vessel test (CPVT) was developed in order to measure the temperature and the pressure in the decomposition of sample. It is easier to measure the data with the CPVT than high sensitive calorimeters. The examples of sample were linseed oil, bio diesel fuel, refuse derived fuel, coal, a lithium coin battery and a lithium ion battery. The results of CPVT measurements were compared with the results measured with a high sensitivity calorimeter (C80) and a spontaneous ignition tester (SIT), and a differential accelerating rate calorimeter (DARC). The data without the heat capacity correction for the sample vessel (phi correction) can be directly obtained with the DARC. The hazard of the oxidation heat and the intensity of decomposition in heating were investigated with the CPVT, the C80, the SIT and the DARC.

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auto-ignition, high sensitive calorimeter, spontaneous ignition tester, differential accelerating rate calorimeter

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