Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.77, No.2 (2016)

Research paper

Development of new blasting technique for rescue work
Kana Nishino, Shiro Kubota, YujiWada, Yuji Ogata, Norio Ito, Masayuki Nagano, Atsuya Fukuda, and Mieko Kumasaki


In order to rescue trapped victims in a collapsed building, a new breaching technique that supports rescue operation was developed. The breaching technique employs explosives to partially destroy a reinforced concrete (RC) wall. This paper reports experimental results of RC walls which has a thickness of 150 mm. Single-charge experiments provided two types of fracture manner depending on the position of explosive center. Based on the results of the single-charge experiments, partial-charge and full-charge experiments were carried out at the charge conditions considered to be suitable for this new breaching technique. As a result, the optimal charge condition was found. The fracture processes were discussed by means of high-speed photography.

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breaching, reinforced concrete (RC) wall, explosive center, fracture processes

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