Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.76, No.4 (2015)

Research paper

Luminous flame around burning aluminum particle near burning surface of composite propellant
-Numerical experiments in CO2 and H2O-
Kenichi Takahashi, Rieko Doi, Takuo Kuwahara, and Toru Shimada


We conducted a three-dimensional numerical experiment to ascertain the luminous flame shape around a burning aluminum particle near the burning surface of composite propellant. To simulate the luminous flame around the burning aluminum particle, we incorporated vaporized aluminum ejected from the particle surface and simulated the decomposed gas flow around the particle. Results of numerical experiments show that the cloud of vaporized aluminum ejected from the aluminum particle surface spread around the particle. The cloud shape was streamlined, resembling a raindrop. The cloud shape changed by the gas velocity and the vaporized aluminum velocity. The cloud area decreased with increasing gas velocity and vaporized aluminum velocity. The numerically estimated luminous flame diameters are slightly smaller than the experimentally obtained results of our previous works.

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numerical experiment, three-dimensional, burning aluminum particle, vaporized aluminum, luminous flame

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