Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.75, No.6 (2014)

Research paper

The mixture of the phase stabilized ammonium nitrate containing potassium nitrate and BTA·NH3 as a new airbag gas generating agent
Kazuo Hasue


A new gas generating agent for airbags was investigated. Ammonium nitrate does not give off harmful gases or solid burning residues, but goes through contraction and expansion during a series of phase transitions which cause structural damage to the grains. In this study, phase stabilized ammonium nitrate containing potassium nitrate was prepared by a nonhazardous aqueous method adding 10 wt% potassium nitrate. Bis (lH-tertrazolyl) amine ammonium salt was selected as a fuel due to its high heat of formation. The burning rate, 4L tank test, amount of generated gases, efficiency for gas evolution, heat of explosion, weight percentage of solid products, melting point, and sensitivities were obtained to evaluate the characteristics that indicate a desirable gas generating agent.

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burning rate, BTA·NH3, gas generating agent, PSAN

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