Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.75, No.4 (2014)

Research paper

Synthesis of tungsten carbide through wire explosion of tungsten in liquid paraffin
Shigeru Tanaka, Naoki Kawaji, Naoyuki Wada, and Kazuyuki Hokamoto


The synthesis of tungsten carbide was conducted by the wire explosion of tungsten under an intense electrical current in liquid paraffin, and ultrafine tungsten carbide powder in the order of nm was successfully recovered. X-ray diffraction analysis results revealed the recovered powder was extremely strained cubic WC1-X. TEM observations confirmed the presence of many twinned regions in each cubic WC1-X particle. In addition, a unique core-shell structure was observed where WC1-X particles were covered by a copper layer.

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tungsten carbide, wire explosion, high-capacity condenser bank, liquid paraffin, core-shell structure

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