Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.75, No.4 (2014)

Research paper

Numerical simulation on H2-O2 detonation induced by direct initiation near detonation limits(*in Japanese)
Makoto Asahara, A. Koich Hayashi, and Nobuyuki Tsuboi


In order to prevent an accidental explosion by detonation it is necessary to clarify detonation limit and to comprehend its ignition condition. In the past experimental studies were performed to understand critical initiation energy and critical energy density and to propose detonation limit by initiation energy and energy density. However extracting dominant parameters for detonation continuation is difficult because various experimental conditions to compare for detonation continuation are not definitely consistent. Therefore these parameters will be put in order by numerically analyzing 2D direct initiation of detonation in oxyhydrogen mixture assuming ideal ignition conditions, and will be clarified for detonation limits. As a result, it is found that there exist the conditions for detonation and explosion. These conditions are organized to obtain a detonation limit curve which is quite similar curve shown by Watt and Sharpe. The obtained detonation limit curve is found to be a function of a radius and pressure of initial source region and to give a prediction of the critical source energy for detonation with those initial conditions. Additionally a local explosion is predicted near the x-axis boundary under a quasi-steady state condition because of a disturbance there and this type of local explosion was observed by Bach et al.

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detonation limit, direct initiation, initiation energy, diverging detonation

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