Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.75, No.3 (2014)


Burning characteristics of some azodicarbonamide / ammonium nitrate / additive mixtures (II)
Ken Ikeda, Atsushi Doi, and Shingo Date


As a sequel to the previous study, the burning characteristics of azodicarbonamide (ADCA)/ammonium nitrate (AN) based mixtures were studied, where either MnO2, Cu or basic copper nitrate (BCN) was selected as an additive in this study. From chemical equilibrium calculations, linear burning rate tests, and rate-of-pressure-rise tests, the following conclusions were obtained : (1)the calculated values of adiabatic flame temperature and heat of explosion of all ADCA/AN based mixtures were higher than those of guanidinium nitrate (GN)/strontium nitrate (SrN) /basic copper nitrate (BCN) mixture ; (2)ADCA/AN /MnO2 mixture did not burn readily at or below 0.5 MPa N2 atmosphere, showing relatively poor ignitability ; (3)the addition of Cu accelerated the linear burning rate and also generally decreased the pressure exponent of Vieille’s equation as compared to ADCA/AN mixture, while it also accelerated the rate-of-pressurerise, exceeding that of GN/SrN/BCN mixture that used commercially, while in the case in which BCN was added, its rateof-pressure-rise showed a close value.

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azodicarbonamide, ammonium nitrate, chemical equilibrium calculation, linear burning rate, rate-of-pressurerise

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