Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.74, No.5 (2013)

Research paper

Development of numerical code for physical hazard analysis of high-energy materials
Tei Saburi, Shiro Kubota, Yuji Wada and Masatake Yoshida


We have developed a multidimensional analysis code for reactive shocks (MARS) for investigating various scenarios in the physical hazard analysis of high energetic materials. In this paper, details of numerical procedures in our code are presented. To confirm the reliability of the code, some of the one-dimensional test problems, shock tube, high velocity impact, propagation of blast wave and shock to detonation transition process, are solved. The previous our experiments, the gap tests are also simulated. By comparison of the experimental and numerical results, it was shown that the simulation can reproduce three typical results. The first case was that the shock to detonation transition occurs in acceptor, the second case was the no detonation but rapid decomposition occurs in acceptor and the third one was the detonation in acceptor occurs by the reflection of the shock wave at the interface of the acceptor and witness steel block. By the demonstration of reproducibility of the experimental result, it was shown that the code is generally applicable to the practical explosion problem.

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CFD code, CIP, reactive flow simulation, sympathetic detonation

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