Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.74, No.5 (2013)

Research paper

Equation for burning rate as a function of pressure and temperature for potassium nitrate-phase stabilized ammonium nitrate/1H-tetrazole mixture
Kazuo Hasue, Ryosuke Miura, and Kazuya Yoshitake


The burning rate of propellants is affected by pressure and temperature. The relation between the burning rate and pressure has been well studied. However, the effect of the initial temperature on the burning rate has not been investigated quantitatively.
In this study, the burning rate of a phase stabilized ammonium nitrate containing potassium nitrate and 1H-tetrazole mixture was examined under conditions ranging from 1 to 10 MPa and 238 to 358 K, and an equation for the burning rate as a function of pressure and temperature was obtained. In general, the burning rates predicted by the correlation equation were in good agreement with the observed values. The temperature sensitivities were also predicted using the correlation equation and compared with the observed values and good agreement was found between the predicted and observed values.

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phase stabilized ammonium nitrate (PSAN), 1H-tetrazole, burning rate, initial temperature, temperature sensitivity

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